Indigo Girls- Ghost (Piano Cover)

The Indigo Girls are one of my favorite groups. They are excellent songwriters. Here is one of my piano version of “Ghost”
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Sheet Music

Thanks for watching and welcome to my website! If you would like sheets please  contribute $2  for access to all of my sheet music. This helps me with the time it takes,  the cost of equipment and helps me to maintain my YouTube channel.

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Available Songs:

1. ‘Ike La Ladana (Queen’s Jubilee)

2. I Don’t Know My Name

3. Gangsta’s Paradise

4. Get Back Up Again

5. True Colors

6. Beauty and the Beast

7. Lost Boy

8. Someday At Christmas

9. Sound Of Silence

10. Heathens

11. This Is My Wish

12. All Of Me

13. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

14. Doctor Who Theme Music

15. Mercy

16. River

17. Hallelujah

18. Little Do You Know

19. Heart Like Yours

20. Mary Did You Know

21. Little Drummer Boy/Peace On Earth

22. True Love

23. Rise Up

24. Outlaws

Sebastian Kole- Choose You Again (Piano Cover)

My piano version of “Choose You Again” by Sebastian Kole. This was a request and I fell in love with the song. It is absolutely beautiful. I hope you like it too 🙂 Learn piano songs quick and easy with Flowkey:

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George Winston- ‘Ike La Ladana (Queen’s Jubilee) Piano Solo w/SHEET MUSIC

This is a beautiful, meditative song.I actually did this one a long time ago but was recently asked for sheets and I thought I’d do it over again better than before where the sound wasn’t so good. I hope you enjoy this is a really peaceful song. Sheet Music Here

Flowkey- Learn Piano With The Songs You Love

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 10.51.18 AMI am pleased to announce my new partnership with Flowkey! It is a great piano program that allows you to learn your favorite songs easily. I love how the sheet music scrolls from left to right, and it can listen to you play and scroll with you. It also has video of a piano being played from above, showing the piano keys and note names along with the fingering. I’m currently learning some songs using Flowkey and I highly recommend it.

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Michael Jackson- Man In The Mirror (Piano Cover) from “The Lego Batman Movie”

This was always one of my favorite Michael Jackson songs, I am glad they brought it back for The Lego Batman Movie soundtrack. On that soundtrack it was sung by Alex Aiono. Here’s my piano version

Beauty and the Beast- John Legend and Ariana Grande (Piano Cover)

beauty-and-the-beast-thumbWatch on YouTube

This was a super tricky one to figure out because it changes keys 3 times, but I stuck with it. This is from the new Beauty and the Beast movie and I put my own spin on it. If you would like sheets let me know and if I get enough requests I will make some 🙂