You and Me- Jen Msumba (Original)

I wrote this fun little song about love and friendship today


I Ain’t Worried- Jen Msumba (original)

It’s a super rainy afternoon and I was inspired to write this little love song. It’a not perfect but it’s mine 🙂 Lyrics below


i ain’t worried
about the weather
i am settled
in my room
i am warm
i am safe
cause i have you

beautiful and kind
i have you
a vision of perfection
i have you
to hold
just be

we aint worried
about the weather
we are settled
in my room
we are warm
we are safe
cause we are two

and i
i will
be happy

Copyright © 2016 Jennifer Msumba. All Rights Reserved.

Forgive Me Now- Larry Taylor ft. Jen Msumba

My friend Larry is a really talented musician and songwriter. He wrote this beautiful song and we sang it together. Hope you enjoy

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