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Thanks for watching and welcome to my website! If you would like sheets please  contribute $2  for access to all of my sheet music. This helps me with the time it takes,  the cost of equipment and helps me to maintain my YouTube channel.

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Available Songs:

1. ‘Ike La Ladana (Queen’s Jubilee)

2. I Don’t Know My Name

3. Gangsta’s Paradise

4. Get Back Up Again

5. True Colors

6. Beauty and the Beast

7. Lost Boy

8. Someday At Christmas

9. Sound Of Silence

10. Heathens

11. This Is My Wish

12. All Of Me

13. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

14. Doctor Who Theme Music

15. Mercy

16. River

17. Hallelujah

18. Little Do You Know

19. Heart Like Yours

20. Mary Did You Know

21. Little Drummer Boy/Peace On Earth

22. True Love

23. Rise Up

24. Outlaws


Let’s Make Banana Bread

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Banana bread is my favorite! We had a few really over ripe bananas so my mom and i decided it was time to make bread. I thought I would let you come along for the ride 🙂 I’m traveling tomorrow so I will be back with some piano videos on Sunday. Have a great weekend!

10 Of My Favorite Songs

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These are 10 of my current favorite songs off of my Spotify song list and a little something about them

1. “Choose You Again” by Sebastian Kole

Someone requested I do this one on the piano, and so I took a listen and fell in love. I am not much into R&B, but I really enjoyed this song and felt moved by it. I can’t wait to cover it on the piano. Thanks to whoever requested it!

2. “Divisionary” (Do The Right Thing) Ages and Ages

My brother picked me up from the airport the other day and put this on, he said it was “his new song” This song is just cool. It has a great beat and feel and fun lyrics.

3. “How Would You Feel” Ed Sheehan

This is just a beautiful love song that I currently enjoy listening to. I think it sounds so sweet when he sings it and the melody is beautiful

4. “Shape Of You” Ed Sheehan

This song is really hot right now and I can see why it has an awesome beat that you can move to and makes you feel like you are as cool as Ed Sheeran lol

5. “I’ll Be There” Jake Shimabukuro

This is a ukulele instrumental of Jackson 5’s I’ll Be There and it is amazing. The sounds he can get out of a ukulele are incredible and this is a beautiful and cool version of the song

6. “Least Complicated” Indigo Girls

I have always loved the Indigo Girls, I’ve seen them perform live and I have most of their albums. They are very talented song writers and folk-rock musicians. I am particularly fond of their older stuff with Least Complicated being one of my top favs. They have a way of blending and harmonizing that is a real treat for your ears

7. “Your Smiling Face” James Taylor

This is an oldie but goodie. Probably everyone has heard this song at some point. I think its such a happy song it always gets me in a good mood

8. “Ships In The Night” Matt Kearney

I really like this song right now I like Matt Kearney in general I like how he both sings and talks over the rhythm (almost rap but not) it makes the song more interesting and cool

9. “Feel Me Flow” Naughty by Nature

90’s Rap! Enough said

10. “Tear In My Heart” Twenty One Pilots

I LOVE Twenty One Pilots and I really like this song especially how it describes love at the end:

She’s the tear in my heart
I’m alive
She’s the tear in my heart
I’m on fire
She’s the tear in my heart
Take me higher
Than I’ve ever been

My heart is my armor
She’s the tear in my heart
She’s a carver
She’s a butcher with a smile
Cut me farther
Than I’ve ever been”

Bruno Mars- Grenade (Piano Cover by Jen Msumba)

I was in the mood to play Bruno Marsgrenade-thumb today. Tomorrow I think I’ll cover “Just The Way You Are”

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