Just For Fun


Q: What do you call a laughing piano?

A: A Yama-hahahahaha

Q: What do you call a cow that plays the piano?

A: A moo-sician

Q: What do you call an ant who cant play the piano?

A: Discordant

source: http://www.jokes4us.com/miscellaneousjokes/musicjokes/pianojokes.html


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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me


  1. I am bi-racial. My mom is Italian and my dad is Malawian (Africa)
  2. I became a vegetarian January 1, 2016
  3. I am terrified of spiders and was once bitten by a Brown Recluse. It sucked
  4. I eat way too many gummy bears
  5. I hate the number six. So much so that I will go out of my way to avoid it, like not updating my iPhone 5s until the 7 comes out
  6. I am a member of American MENSA
  7. I rescued little poodle named Yerby. He’s a handful but I love him so much
  8. My favorite color is orange
  9. My guilty pleasure movie is Kangaroo Jack
  10. I am older than I look. But I’m not telling 🙂