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I am also now an author on AudioJungle and will be adding my original music to their library

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patron playlist art 2Now through Patreon you can listen to my music in an ad-free playlist and download any song for free! Great for work, study, relaxation and sleep. By signing up you also will be supporting my channel and my music. Why not check it out?

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I have a brand new Facebook group for musicians who are on YouTube and their supporters. I want it to be a place where we can meet, share and collaborate. Why not check it out? Everyone is welcome

My Day At America’s Got Talent









So…I auditioned for America’s Got Talent today. Yea! It was an amazing experience and I met some cool people and had tons of fun. An experience I will remember forever. It went really well and no matter the outcome, I am happy 🙂 Watch my video on YouTube

5000 subs and growing yea!

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I am just so happy from all the support I have received here on YouTube and I want to give a shout out to Bearing for sharing my music on his channel. Check him out, he’s hilarious and spot on, that is if you’re not easily triggered lol