Sheet Music

Thanks for watching and welcome to my website! If you would like sheets or MIDI files please visit my Patreon Page

I have the MIDI files available for ALL of my songs. For sheets, please see list below



Send questions/requests to:

Available Sheet Music:

**In Case You Didn’t Know- sheets are NOW available through Patreon**

1. ‘Ike La Ladana (Queen’s Jubilee)

2. I Don’t Know My Name

3. Gangsta’s Paradise

4. Get Back Up Again

5. True Colors

6. Beauty and the Beast

7. Lost Boy

8. Someday At Christmas

9. Sound Of Silence

10. Heathens

11. This Is My Wish

12. All Of Me

13. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

14. Doctor Who Theme Music

15. Mercy

16. River

17. Hallelujah

18. Little Do You Know

19. Heart Like Yours

20. Mary Did You Know

21. Little Drummer Boy/Peace On Earth

22. True Love

23. Rise Up

24. Outlaws


15 thoughts on “Sheet Music”

  1. Hi Jennifer – I just heard your arrangement of “Open the Eyes of My Heart” on SoundCloud and love it! You play beautifully, with such heartfelt emotion. Do you have sheet music for it? I’d love to play your version at church and check out your other arrangements for a fresh take on songs the congregation will recognize.
    Thanks for brightening my day!


      1. Thanks for your reply and kind offer of the midi file! I’d like to try working with a midi file – it will be my first attempt, but there must be tutorials out there that will walk me through it. Any suggestions you have will be greatly appreciated.
        Again, thanks for sharing!


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